Actively Monitor the Dark Web for Your Employee’s Identities to Prevent Fraud, Liability, and Theft

Cyber attacks have become a regular occurrence in today’s business world. With news covering major data breaches from massive organizations, local municipalities, and online services, and an upwards trend of hackers targeting smaller, less-defended businesses, stolen data is constantly being bought and sold on the online black market known as the Dark Web.

As a business owner, it is your responsibility to take action and protect your company from these cyber threats, which could lead to fines, lawsuits, and loss of business. Ensuring that your sensitive accounts and personally identifiable information is secure is critical.

Your Employees Are Equally At Risk

Although business owners tend to have the biggest target on their backs for hackers, employees are equally at risk. If an employee uses the same password for a business account as they use for their rewards program at a compromised grocery store, you can assume that the account (along with many others) is vulnerable.

The solution? Proactive monitoring and reporting across the dark web for stolen credentials.

Monthly Dark Web Surveillance for Small and Medium Businesses

Each month we deliver a comprehensive report of any email under your company’s domain that is found on the dark web. Our security team pulls data from over 600,000 websites, bulletin boards, forums, and chat rooms, adding up to millions of data points to determine if any credentials have been stolen and shared.

We don’t limit the scan based on users, IP addresses, or emails. If an employee, either current or former, has information leaked on the dark web, we will report on it, so you can take the proper action to protect your business. Our team of experts can offer assistance and best practices based on the information found - your company will never be left in the dark.

What’s Included:

Each month you will receive a monthly report and real-time scan notification outlining compromised accounts and passwords any time your email domain or IP address is found on the dark web. This includes the initial one-time scan as well as the ongoing monthly subscription. You can cancel at any time


Looking to save? We offer this service as a yearly 12-month agreement as well.

Annual SMB Subscription for Monthly Reporting of Compromised Accounts

Special Offer! Sign up for an annual subscription and not only ensure you don’t miss an alert but take advantage of our discounted rate! Receive real-time scans and updates for 12 full months, for one low price.


Other DarkWeb Scan Options:

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One Time Scan

Setup a one time scan to review recent password compromises that might impact your company.

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Annual Platinum Scan

Save big by buying a year of the SMB Platinum Scan.  Receive real time results and a monthly report any time your organization is found to be compromised on the dark web for 12 months.

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