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What’s your purchase & return policy? one time report orders can be canceled for a full refund if the request is made within 72 hours. offers a guarantee on our One Time Scan.  If after 72 hours, you are not satisfied for any reason, we will provide you a second scan free within 12 months. SMB Platinum Scan can be canceled at any time without penalty, just let us know five days before your next charge that you would like to turn off the service and the monthly charges will stop. Annual Platinum Scan can be canceled at any time up to 5 business days before the subscription renewal.

Does this work for any domain name?

Any domain name can be entered into the reporting system, but it's important to note that not all domains will return comprised information.  This is a good thing because finding no compromised information means you are more secure!


Do I need to own the domain to purchase a report?

Yes, when you subscribe to the service, our team will verify the company credit card and that your email is on the domain to validate that you are a member of the company in question. When you purchase, you are accepting our End User Licensing Agreement which states you are an authorized buyer for the company.


How can I protect my company?

Purchasing the Platinum Scan from is a good step in the right direction.  Remember, we are only reporting information that is already available in the public domain, so protecting your company further really requires advice and consulting services from a technology professional.


Can someone else purchase a report on my company?

The information includes on our reports is already available on the dark web and is not proprietary to, so in theory anyone could find this information.  At we do take steps to ensure reports are only purchased by contacts at the impacted company who attest to being an authorized buyer.


Do you offer the service only to Small to medium businesses?

Our SMB Platinum scan is our flagship product because small and medium businesses have no IT department to guide password safety; however, IT departments and enterprise clients with over 500 users on their domain can subscribe to the Platinum Scan, but pricing is based on user count and a custom proposal is required.


I have more then 500 employees, will work for me?

IT departments and enterprise clients with over 500 users on their domain can subscribe to the Platinum Scan, but pricing is based on user count and a custom proposal is required.


How quickly can I get my report?

Because our verification process is important, we typically deliver the first report within 2 business days from purchase. Once you are setup for Platinum Scan from, reports will be delivered in real time as we detect new data, and each month a summary will be sent.


Does the One Time Scan give me the same data as the Platinum Scan?

No, the One Time Scan report is limited to recent password exposures, and the data is partially obscured.  Additionally, the One Time Scan lacks the key element of the Platinum scan: the ability to notify you when new data is discovered.


Is the SMB Platinum Scan and the SMB Annual Platinum Scan the same?

Yes, both services are the same in terms of report content and notification.  With the SMB Platinum Scan, you pay month to month after the setup fee, whereas the Annual Platinum scan offers savings for the longer commitment, but you pay once per year.


Is the data reported complete?

No, probably not. It is important to note, hacks, breaches, and compromises occur all the time, and the data we report on is real email and password data that has been found on the dark web, but who knows what cache of company critical information is already compromised but not yet disclosed by bad actors.


How should I use the report?

The report is designed to educate companies about potential problems.  Look for users who have compromised passwords and notify the user they should change the password.  Often we find people using the same password everywhere making them a potential target for lots of fraud and theft.  Look for  users who show up on the list multiple times and re-educate them about phishing and email fraud.  Look for users with other data and inform them so they can seek protection for their records and data.


Do you have customer service?

Of course! Our friendly and knowledgeable customer services reps are available to answer your questions within 48 hours. Contact them here!