Gain Real-Time Insights on Potential Risks for Your Entire Workforce

While small and mid-sized businesses are considered easier targets for hackers, enterprise-level organizations offer not only a more significant challenge but also greater rewards. In fact, due to their size, larger organizations provide more opportunities for vulnerabilities to be exploited and much more data is potentially at risk than with a typical SMB.

Not only do C-level executives and management need to ensure that their personally identifiable information is secure, but every single employee across the entire company could potentially be an entry-point for an attacker if the wrong credentials get leaked. This can be a massive undertaking when dealing with hundreds or thousands of employees across multiple locations and divisions.

When your business relies on the relationships with specific vendors and partners, the security of your company’s information (not to mention that of your customers) relies on those you work with to take the same precautions as you.

We offer customized solutions for companies with more than 500 employees. Our dark web scans are personalized to your business’s unique work environment, offering multiple domains, IP addresses, and up to ten vendor scans, all included in the package. Please contact us for more information as pricing is based on your business model.

Other DarkWeb Scan Options:

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Setup a one time scan to review recent password compromises that might impact your company.

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SMB Platinum Scan

Receive a monthly report and real time scan notification outlining  compromised accounts and passwords any time your email domain or IP address is found on the dark web. Includes the initial one time scan and ongoing monthly subscription, cancel at any time.

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