Are Your Employees Compromising Your Business?

Even if your business has thoroughly implemented IT security, you can’t always depend on the security of every other business. When a website or organization that you do business with gets breached, your personal information is at risk, regardless of how well you protect it. The same goes for your employees. With nearly a third of all U.S. businesses suffering a data breach in 2017, these threats are on the rise.

What’s the Dark Web?

The dark web is a hidden area of the internet where stolen information is stored, sold, and shared. Private information, such as your social security number, credit cards, physical address, email addresses, and passwords could be found within this online black market, and you wouldn’t know it. A criminal using this information can steal your identity and commit fraud, including ordering credit cards, opening lines of credit, and even taking out loans. Such activity can irrevocably damage your credibility, making it difficult if not impossible to maintain your current credit standing.

How Severe Is This?

According to recent analysis by Credit Karma, over 105 million American adults have at least one password on the dark web. That’s 42% of the total U.S. population, and individuals with a credit score of 660 or higher are more likely to be at risk. That means with every employee in your organization, the chances of risk go up.

What Can You Do To Protect Your Business and Employees?’s one-time scan will reveal any stolen passwords that are accounted to your company’s email accounts. This includes any employees, including former employees, who may have been the victim of a breach in the past. Knowledge is power, and real power comes from the experience of knowing how much sensitive information about yourself or your business is out in the wild and what your level of exposure is.

Now is the time to schedule a one-time dark web scan to search for data breaches such as passwords, usernames or other credentials which can compromise not only your business’s security, but also its reputation.

This one-time service is also perfect for evaluating your vendors or supply chain for fitness for duty. Consider purchasing a one-time scan to validate the security practices within your organization.

$149 for a one-time scan

We also have ongoing plans that allow you to monitor the dark web for stolen information for you and your staff.

Other DarkWeb Scan Options:

SMB Platinum Scan

Receive a monthly report and real time scan notification outlining  compromised accounts and passwords any time your email domain or IP address is found on the dark web. Includes the initial one time scan and ongoing monthly subscription, cancel at any time.

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Annual Platinum Scan

Save big by buying a year of the SMB Platinum Scan.  Receive real time results and a monthly report any time your organization is found to be compromised on the dark web for 12 months.

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