One Time Scan

Setup a one time scan to review recent password compromises that might impact your company.

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SMB Platinum Scan

Receive a monthly report and real time scan notification outlining  compromised accounts and passwords any time your email domain or IP address is found on the dark web. Includes the initial one time scan and ongoing monthly subscription, cancel at any time.

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Annual Platinum Scan

Save big by buying a year of the SMB Platinum Scan.  Receive real time results and a monthly report any time your organization is found to be compromised on the dark web for 12 months.

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Receive Advanced Notification

With a subscription to, your business will receive notification any time a company password, personally identifiable information, or email account is discovered on the dark web.  Use this information to get ahead of the problem by changing passwords and securing your valuable data.

View Historic Compromises

Platinum Scan from gives visibility to see historic password compromises so can educate users and blacklist hacked passwords.


Monthly Report will send a monthly report summarizing known and newly discovered compromised information to keep you apprised of security risks.

Cyber Data Analysis

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Take charge of your compromised data and get started today by reviewing a One Time Report or subscribing to real time alert through our Platinum scan program. IBM Reports in the 2017 Ponemon Cost of a Data Breach Study that the average breach cost $3.62 million.

The SMB Annual Platinum Scan is just $900 per year. Can you afford to miss this opportunity?